Impact Projects

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Music for Conservation

Music for Conservation

Music for conservation program aims at environment conservation messages through music and at the same time support the talents of the musicians involved
through audio recording, video production and help promote the music. 

The program has so far produced 10 environment themed songs, worked with 10 artists from across East Africa and one of the song Titled Kifaru Twakupenda (We love our Rhino) received an award from the Game Rangers Association in Africa (GRAA) for the best youth iniative in raising awareness of the plight facing Rhinos in Africa Range states.

Environment Education

Environment education in learning institutions tailor makes programs to suit a particular age set of students in Primary, Secondary and tertiary levels. The program targets both students and teachers in ensuring no one is left behind.

The program is working with 20 learning institutions in various parts of Kenya.

Restoration of River Motoine/Ngong in Kibra

The program is working on the restoration of 8 KM of Rivers
Motoine/Ngong/Karanja in Kibra and Langata sub counties through the following ways:   

 Removal of solid waste from the Rivers and maintaining it’s cleanliness  Repair of sewer lines  Construction of toilets  Empowering communities along the River with alternative livelihoods that are less dependent on the Rivers.

Rehabilitation of Ondiri wetland in Kikuyu

Ondiri wetland is a peatland bog located in Kikuyu municipality. The wetland is a 
unique wetland because of the peat found on top of the water and it forms the head waters of River Nairobi within the Athi River drainage basin. Ondiri wetland has been facing the following challenges:
 Indiscriminate of harvesting of sedges
 Discharge of raw of sewer
 Invasive species
 Excessive richness of nutrients from the farms along the wetland

Mazingira yetu organization has partnered with Eco-pro initiative and Friends of Ondiri, Kiambu county Government in the rehabilitation of the 30 ha of Ondiri wetland through educating the community on wetland conservation, re-aforestation of the riparian zone and ensure enforcement is in place to stop discharge of raw sewer into the wetland and harvesting of the sedges.

Ondiri Swamp 2020

Rehabilitation of Riparian zones along Nairobi River in Korogocho.

Mazingira yetu organization is working closely with Komb green solutions in restoration of a former dump site into a beautiful park along River Nairobi in Korogocho. Mazingira yetu organization works with Komb green solutions in the
following ways:   

 Training of Komb green solution members on riparian ecosystem restoration  Trainings on alternative livelihoods  Rehabilitation of the River banks through tree planting.