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IUCN CEC Excellence Award in 2019


Nairobi Kenya

"Embracing innovations in environment education, training's and human centered approach in ecosystem restoration."

Established 2012

Mazingira Yetu Organization

A community based organization in Kenya registered with the Ministry of East Africa community, Labor and Social Justice.

Mazingira yetu organization runs three programs:
Environment education and communication, Environment related specialized training’s and Ecosystem restoration. 

Sam Dindi the Co-founder at UN Nairobi, reading the Mazingira Yetu Magazine

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The plastic Question: A losing battle?

This edition will highlight valuable insights and tailored solutions by local communities as well as tools and expertise across different thematic areas examining innovative and integrated approaches to beating plastics pollution. We seek to understand whether the push for technological/innovative responses substituted the much needed behavioral change in waste management.

We intend to continue expanding the scope of review toward not only the sources, and effects of plastic pollution, but also alterations, fates and effects of different plastic types interactions with ecosystems processes. We seek to identify what impact the surge in public attention coupled with local, national and international policy responses has on the efforts to curb plastic pollution.

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Latest News and Updates

Fred, River Nairobi People’s Park Champ

Fredrick has not allowed his lack of post-secondary education hinder him from constantly learning and he has gone an extra mile to study Riparian ecosystem restoration training and leadership classes. He is currently leading a team of nearly 50 young people in Korogocho in the Nairobi
regeneration program. 

IUCN 2019 CEC Excellency Awards

Sam dindi the co-founder of Mzingira yetu organization was feted during the 2019  International Union for conservation of Nature (IUCN) Eastern and southern Africa 
Regional Conservation Forum held in Johannesburg under the theme ‘Securing A future For Nature in Africa’.